Packaging Options for CD and DVD Continue to Grow

Packaging Options for CD and DVD Continue to Grow

Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to how their finished CD or DVD artwork should look for maximum visual impact. Whether it’s retail, corporate, promotional or even a giveaway, there are hundreds of CD and DVD packaging options available.


Things have come a long way since the first music CD was launched in the 1980s.  The simple song list and lyric covers that were inserted in the original CD jewel case have moved over for the more complex and visually interesting multi-page CD and DVD cover designs of today.


As music has evolved, so has the CD packaging. Similarly, the DVD you recently played at home, has undergone that same evolution. Movie Distribution companies spend huge sums on promotion, marketing and advertising and to make sure their DVD packaging is eye-catching, cutting edge, even “over the top”, to grab the buyer’s attention.  The DVD packaging needs to reflect the style, tone and pace of the movie, so that buyers will be motivated to buy and watch that movie.


The old plastic case has given way to metal,” flat panel” and “cut out”, 3D or even Holographic designed cases. The newer Blu-Ray discs will certainly set new packaging heights as they become more common and title owners vie for sales.  No limits DVD packaging means more sales. New Digital Print technology means that fast, quality, affordable CD & DVD packaging is now within reach.  Packaging budgets now go further as costs have come down, and tight deadlines are now achievable.


So, you have a CD or DVD for replication, and are wondering how to package it?

There are lots of generic options available, some so simple that no printed paper parts are required.  CD/DVD packaging options include: -

* PVC or paper sleeve: -  These are simple and cost effective.

* Cardboard Wallet:- these can be plain, recycled board or overprinted, even to Australia Post specifications for easy mailing.

* Clamshell cases or mailers:-  Pliable soft plastic, these are very popular and are a great option when there are no paper parts.

* CD Jewel case:- Single or multi disc versions. These can accommodate a printed booklet and rear inlay.

* CD Caddie case:- a variation of the old jewel case, made from Polypropylene and not prone to breaking easily. These also accept a printed slick.

* DVD case:- Standard 14mm in a variety of colours. Can accept up to 6 discs. These accommodate a printed slick and booklets.

* DVD Slimline:-.7mm slimline version. Similar to 14 mm DVD case above. Slick has a 7mm spine.


For more specialised requirements, their are a range of Custom Printed Cardboard options available and barcodes or consecutive number systems, can also be catered for.

* Overprinted Card Wallets

* Gatefold Cardboard Wallets for single, double, or multi DVD discs.

* Digipacks:- DVD or CD available in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 panels to hold 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc discs.

* Printed Disc Mailers made to Australia Post standards.


The Internet can be extremely helpful for deciding which packaging is right for your next CD or DVD duplication job. These days duplication companies have easy to use templates available on their websites, making it simple for you, or your art team, to download and get to work on new and innovative packaging. Several duplication companies offer more than 20 different CD/DVD packaging options to cover most requirements. These are Mac and PC friendly. Web sites offer this type of service free of charge. Jobs are then finished on the latest technology Offset or Digital Printing systems, packed up and ready for distribution in a few days.


Dave Butcher

Business Development, FATS Digital Services Pty Ltd.

FATS Digital is a leading Australia wide company offering Digital Cinema, Broadcast duplication, Blu-ray replication, DVD and CD Authoring, Replication, Duplication, USB, digital printing and packaging services to the Film, Production and TV industries.  FATS also offers printing services including offset, silkscreen, thermal retransfer, inkjet and UV cured 6 colour digital printing.


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Does CD Packaging Still Matter?

Does CD Packaging Still Matter?

Truth be told, that when a record artist releases a new CD, avid fans would fight to death to avail the record album of their favorite recording stars. A variety of activities such as album launching and promotional tours are conducted to help in the sales of the album. Part of the marketing strategy is the CD Packaging.  As superficial consumers that people are, buyers at all times check the cover of the record albums aside from the songs that it contains. Of course, who would want to avail CDs that look boring? Even the avid fans would have second thoughts in spending – on an album. He’d rather download it at home.

That is why CDs are usually displayed in flashy and eye-catching covers. CDs are packaged in traditional jewel cases or in CD Wallets and these days producers have come up with fresh innovations in terms of CD Packaging to aid in the market sales of record albums such as custom CD Packaging. This type of CD Packaging also allows more space to put more detailed information and photos of the artist. These for sure will make the album all the more interesting.

But with the advent of technology, the record sales of artists today have been highly-compromised. People today-especially the youth- prefer digital music downloads over buying record albums because it is convenient, readily accessible and on top of that -music can be acquired for free. Most, if not all, of the people are fond of this modernization apparently. I must say that the attitude of consumers in the music industry has really been modified by such innovation. There is really a huge difference in the sales of record albums today compared to the pre-download era.

With the threat of digital music downloads to the market sales of today’s artists’ record albums, is CD Packaging still important? Is it still practical to put much thought and money to the covers of albums when everyone is just downloading songs?

My answer is yes. We’re dreaming if we think we could stop music downloads or the people who do such. Artists shouldn’t lose hope and lose reason for them to make good music and good album covers because of the presence of this advancement in technology; they just have to live with it. All the more reason they should improvise and innovate; come up with more attractive ideas to convince the loyal fans to buy the physical format. This is the time when artists should show more of their own creativity…to challenge themselves and think of better means of CD Packaging that will surely captivate the fans and would-be fans. To persuade their followers that there is so much more to the CDs they buy than just music. Because it’s not just about the songs the artists sing but it’s also about being part of their loyal fans when they bring the CDs to their own homes.

Unified Manufacturing offers CD packaging, CD duplication, DVD, Replication, Dvd Duplication, Vinyl manufacturing, USB Vinyl Pressing, audio cd manufacturing, CD Manufacturing, DVD Manufacturing, CD Replication, USB flash drives,Download cards,  audio mastering, blu ray disc player.


Unified Manufacturing offers CD packaging CD duplication, DVD, Replication, , Vinyl manufacturing, USB Vinyl Pressing, audio cd manufacturing,CD Manufacturing, DVD Manufacturing, CD Replication, Download cards,  audio mastering, blu ray disc player.

Unified Manufacturing offers CD packaging CD duplication, DVD, Replication, , Vinyl manufacturing, USB Vinyl Pressing, audio cd manufacturing,CD Manufacturing, DVD Manufacturing, CD Replication, Download cards,  audio mastering, blu ray disc player.

Article from “Ladies And Gentlemen… The Rolling Stones” finally comes to DVD. This legendary Rolling stones concert film, shot over four nights in Texas during the “Exile On Main Street” tour in 1972, was released in cinemas for limited engagements in 1974 and has remained largely unseen since. Now restored and remastered, “Ladies And Gentlemen” makes its first authorised appearance on DVD. This is one of the finest Rolling Stones concerts ever captured on film and features outstanding performances of classic tracks from the late sixties and early seventies. Also included as a bonus is previously unreleased rehearsal footage for the tour filmed in Switzerland and interviews with Mick Jagger from 1972 and 2010. Tracklisting: 1) Brown Sugar 2) Bitch 3) Gimme Shelter 4) Dead Flowers 5) Happy 6) Tumbling Dice 7) Love In Vain 8) Sweet Virginia 9) You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10) All Down the Line 11) Midnight Rambler 12) Bye Bye Johnny 13) Rip This Joint 14) Jumpin’ Jack Flash 15) Street Fighting Man Bonus Features: Tour rehearsal footage from Montreux 1972 Old Grey Whistle Test Interview with Mick Jagger 2010 interview with Mick Jagger
Video Rating: 4 / 5

DVD Packaging- About the Artwork and the Copy

DVD Packaging- About the Artwork and the Copy

The DVD packaging’s main role is to promote the movie. It should not just be a glamorized random still shot of the film edited in a way that it becomes artsy. Everything in the DVD packaging –from the lay-out, colors, content, and text-should be well thought out.

The artwork. The artwork of the DVD packaging should be designed in such a way that it would ENTICE and INTRIGUE a regular buyer. And the DVD packaging should not simply intrigue him on a first level. It should intrigue him so much that he has no other choice but to pick up the DVD, examine the artwork closer, and read the synopsis at the back. The DVD packaging should be able to do this in order for it to become effective.

The artwork of the DVD packaging should capture a certain audience in a glance but it should still reflect the film. This sets it apart from CD packaging and book covers. The CD packaging artwork does not necessarily reflect the singers or the songs it contain that’s why we see lots of experimental and very creative album artwork. But with DVD packaging, we cannot make the design too vague or “deep” for regular people. The DVD packaging artwork should somehow reflect the story of the film and most of the time, the actors are included in the DVD packaging artwork in order to sell the movie.

Because of this, I can say that designing a DVD packaging design has a lot of limitations. One, the DVD packaging artwork should tell something about the film, 2. It should intrigue and entice the regular buyer, 3. It should include the main cast, and many other technical requirements. So, with all these limitations, how do we get creative with the DVD packaging artwork? That is the challenge every designer should think about every time they need to design a DVD packaging.

Well, it is rather basic. All we need in order to have a catchy DVD packaging artwork is a catchy photograph.  So if you are a filmmaker, you better brainstorm on DVD packaging concepts while shooting the film so you still have the materials to shoot. You don’t want to have a separate shoot for the DVD packaging artwork because that costs way too much money! Hire someone to take good, hi-res photographs during shoots and come up with good concepts for your DVD packaging. Don’t scrimp on this because it can help you sell your film.

The copy. Granted that the artwork is the number one reason why customers would examine the DVD but good copy is the key if you want them to purchase your product. We can compare this to a date. You choose the most handsome person in the crowd, get to know his/her personality some more, and decide whether you want to get serious or not. The DVD packaging artwork is the outside appearance, and the copy is the personality. Both of them are equally important in getting a sale.

Try to avoid clichés in your tagline because it can be a deal breaker for some picky buyers. Just make sure it reflects the story and it’s a bit creative (doesn’t have to rhyme or sound too scandalous). You can hire a copywriter if you are not too confident with your writing skills.


When you’re done with the DVD packaging artwork and copy, gather your team and ask for their honest opinion. You should also ask for outsider’s opinions because they are less likely to give biased answers. Ask them what they feel when they see the artwork, if they understand the synopsis, if they get too confused with some terms, and many others. Note them down and revise,revise,revise, until it becomes a masterpiece.

Unified Manufacturing is the industry leader in CD/DVD and Vinyl Manufacturing. Clients like the Obama Campaign, Atlas Films, Sony Red, and many others highly recommend their products and services. Visit their website if you want to check out their DVD duplication packages and promotional products. You can also contact the owner directly thru this e-mail address: james@unifiedmanufacturing.comtering, blu ray disc player.


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DVD Packaging: Choose From the Many Options Available in the Market

DVD Packaging: Choose From the Many Options Available in the Market

The first music CD was launched in the 1980s. And since then, things have undergone a sea-change. The same is true when it comes to CD and DVD packaging. That time, it was a simple CD jewel case with a song list and lyric cover. Today, one has many options to choose from. Movie distribution companies spend a lot on packaging so as to make sure to come up with something visually more interesting and mind-grabbing. Packaging has become an essential part of the overall marketing campaign to make the project a big success in the market. And thanks to New Digital Print Technology which promises fast and quality CD packaging and DVD packaging.


A more eye-catching DVD packaging means more sales. And then, you have many options to choose from. Instead of that old plastic case, companies can now go for metal, flat panel, cut out, 3D or even Holographic designed cases. Blu-ray discs are also a great option for packaging.


To put it simply, DVD packaging options include:


PVC – It is simple and very cost effective packaging option.
CD Jewel Case – One can opt for single or multi disc versions. An ideal option!
DVD Case – They come in standard 14mm and in a variety of colours. The package can accept up to 6 discs.
DVD Slimline – It is a 7mm slimline version.


One can also opt for Clamshell cases, CD Caddie cases and Cardboard wallet. There is also plenty of scope for coming up with innovative ideas to differentiate your DVD from the rest.


The Internet can be extremely helpful here. Many duplication companies have now come-out with easy-to-use templates on their online portals which a company or an art team can download and come-up with new and innovative packaging for your CD or DVD.

FATS Digital is a well-known Australian company offering Digital Cinema, Broadcast Duplication, Blu-ray, DVD and CD Authoring, Replication, Duplication, USB, Digital Printing and Packaging services to the Film, Production and TV industries. FATS Digital is an ideal one-stop destination for CD and DVD packaging services at very competitive prices. An ideal destination for best-in-class CD duplication services! Visit our Website

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